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    We are a leading provider of managed workforce and training services in New Zealand. Whether you need to source an entire workforce for your operations, apprentices and trainees to future-proof your business or to fill a professional specialist role within your team, Programmed will provide you with the right person for the right job. Our people think safety-first, and the systems we have in place make sure that they return home in the same condition they arrived in, uninjured.

    Skilled Workforce

    We recruit, deploy, manage and maintain a mobile workforce in excess of 15,000 people per day. Programmed provides the people, knowledge and expertise to help our customers grow. Safety leadership underpins every aspect of our service delivery, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver safety consciouspeople and help create safer worksites. Programmed works where you work, with branches ...


    As a leading managed professional workforce and recruitment provider in New Zealand, we specialise in connecting people with the capabilities and cultural fit to organisations in both the private and public sector. Our specialist consultants operate like an extension of your team. By understanding your business needs and the culture you want to encourage, we identify people who best match your ...

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