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    Project Description

    Coles is a leader in Australian food retailing, with more than 780 supermarkets, 100,000 employees and over 11 million customer transactions a week.

    Over the course of our long association with them, Coles have found Programmed to be a valuable partner in helping them deliver value-driven, qua...

    “Now we can finally give our students a sports oval. Thank you, Programmed”

    Jim Flynn, Kolbe Catholic College Business Manager


    Our Customer

    Kolbe Catholic College (Kolbe) is a co-educational secondary school located in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.


    Project Description

    Programmed Electrical Technologies (Programmed) have previously worked with the ANZ Technology Team, developing as part of this, high standards regarding AV technology deployment. Programmed continues to maintain ANZ’s AV technology throughout Australia and are a preferred vendor. 

    We provide ...

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