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    'Property Services'

    Project Description


    Westmead Private Hospital introduced a new paint colour scheme and wished to implement it throughout the hospital with new carpeting to match.


    The key challenge, Facilities Manager Dale Wade explained, was the hospital’s budget constraints. “We faced both operational challe...

    Project Description


    The control tower at Palmerston North Airport, one of Airway’s bases, needed a refresh that would continue to protect its assets and provide staff with an aesthetically invigorated work environment.


    With an impending visit by high profile visitors as further impetus for wor...

    Project Description


    Programmed successfully tendered to prepare and paint all interior common areas of The Strand Arcade, including the 16m high atrium ceiling timberwork and lacework. The repaint was a complex heritage-style restoration involving many elements of difficulty due to the building’s age and signif...

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