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    Opened in 1974, this school provides a quality education to 10 - 13-year-old children in a peaceful rural setting with a focus on the cultural significance of the area


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    Built on the historical Pa site of the Te Atiawa tri...


    Project Description

    The retail liquor market in Australia is extremely competitive. So Woolworths must always ensure their BWS stores offer customers the very best experience possible to grow market share. One area they identified with potential to improve was their cool rooms.

    Usually situated at the rear of the...

    Project Description

    Programmed has restored the lustre of the larger-than-life soup can overlooking the Campbell Soup Company Lemnos site in Shepparton, VIC. Uniquely replicating the proportions of an actual Campbell’s soup can, this much-loved community icon is actually a water tank originally erected in the 1960’s to p...

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