Programmed Skilled Workforce recognises that harnessing the skills and experience of employees from all backgrounds and walks of life not only helps us provide great jobs for great people, but in turn helps us better meet the needs of our customers.

In fact, many of our customers actively partner with us to lead diversity initiatives that enable them to build the best possible workforces and achieve their business goals.

We are proud of our many workforce diversity initiatives that enable us to:

  • Provide training and employment opportunities for women in operations and trades in industries such as mining and telecommunications
  • Assist Indigenous employees to gain skills and experience that will equip them for lifetime employment
  • Support the flexible working needs of our employees at different stages of life through innovative rostering arrangements and access to rewarding work at convenient times and places

Here are some case studies of some of the initiatives we have worked on, in partnership with our customers, to create great employment opportunities for people from a diverse range of backgrounds.


To recruit and retain the very best talent, we recognise that skill and experience comes in many forms. Which means we actively seek interest and applications from people of all backgrounds and experience.

Please explore the diverse range of career opportunities available at Programmed.