Programmed specialises in providing catering and housekeeping/janitorial manning and associated services to the oil and gas industry. We support vessel and marine activities, drilling/rig operations, offshore construction projects and on-going maintenance and other auxiliary functions, both onshore and offshore.

Programmed has extensive experience in the provision of quality, cost-effective catering and logistics services, supplying food to the very best international oil and gas standards. Our complete catering services are delivered to the highest standards of hygiene, in all aspects of our services, and we offer nutritionally comprehensive menus within budgetary controls.

We’re dedicated to providing food and housekeeping services for your facility, so that the personnel feel it’s their ‘home away from home’.

As the vast majority of oil and gas worksites are remote, it is important to select a provider with extensive experience in remote provisioning and supply-chain logistics; a sound application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) international food safety management and hygiene standards; a comprehensive understanding of worldwide quarantine and inspection requirements; as well as expert knowledge about the labour laws and obligations within your location of operation.


We provide an extensive array of local and international, high quality, nutritious meals. These are provisioned, stored and prepared in accordance with HACCP international food safety management standards. Programmed’s catering and food provisioning service choices are extensive and can be customised to your specific needs, some of the options available are as follows:

  • 28 day cyclic menu dining options
  • Different international cuisines including culturally appropriate options
  • Dietary advisory information and catering for specific dietary sensitivities
  • Specially formulated healthy eating choice menus
  • Salad bar menus that complement healthy heating
  • Theme menus for charity or community initiatives and fundraising
  • Specialty and festive menus


Our housekeeping and janitorial team take pride in maintaining hygienic and comfortable living environments for our customers. The cleaning and laundry service choices available are extensive and can be customised to your specific needs, some of the options available are as follows:

  • Professional standards of industrial cleaning to all living, common, office and ablution areas, and hotel services for accommodation areas
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of medical facilities on-board offshore facilities
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning technologies and applications
  • Managed chemical reduction programmes
  • The provision of essential equipment and furnishings to compliment accommodation and recreation areas
  • Laundering of uniforms, linen, towels and personal clothing
  • 12 hour express laundry turnaround for workwear and personal clothing
  • External professional laundry services for linen, where onsite facilities are insufficient
  • Steam cleaning, floor polishing and carpet cleaning services and maintenance
  • Deep cleaning of industrial and commercial kitchens

Looking for people?


To recruit and retain the very best talent, we recognise that skill and experience comes in many forms. Which means we actively seek interest and applications from people of all backgrounds and experience.

Please explore the diverse range of career opportunities available at Programmed.