Energy Australia

Energy Australia

Energy Australia (formerly known as Tru Energy) site at Yallourn comprises the Yallourn W Power Station and the Yallourn Coal Mine. The facility is located in the Latrobe Valley, approximately 150km south east of the city of Melbourne.

  • Programmed Facility Management was initially awarded a three year contract in 1997 for the provision of protective and emergency services. The contract has since developed into a comprehensive Estate Alliance contract, with Programmed Facility Management responsible for the management of:
  • Security protection and access control by way of physical patrols, electronic access control and a CCTV system
  • Operation of a central monitoring and incident control room for the supervision of all security and fire alarm systems and coordination of emergency incidents
  • Provision of first aid and occupational health service through a 24 hour medical centre. Service includes general health checks such as audiometric testing and blood pressure monitoring
  • Firefighting including initial firefighting responses to all fires within the works area as well as assistance to the mine fire service for outbreaks in the mine
  • Specialist industrial rescue service provided to all areas of the facility and includes high angle, confined space and mine rescue
  • Inspection and testing of fixed and portable suppression systems
  • Training to ensure all Energy Australia personnel are familiar with extinguisher operations, evacuation procedures, dangerous goods, first-aid level one and basic firefighting
  • Incident control assisting the Emergency Response Commander to implement the Energy Australia (Yallourn) emergency response plan

Customer service initiatives/innovations

  • Improved the emergency egress provision from high risk areas such as cable tunnels and chambers
  • Introduced an integrated emergency/incident control system that effectively manages emergencies and crises that may impact on the continued operation of the power generation process