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  • Public Private Partnerships

    Programmed Facility Management is the FM partner of choice for a number of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Australia and New Zealand.

    A tailored solution

    We have developed a suite of proprietary asset management & operational tools:

    • Asset Track - an elemental lifecycle forecasting & maintenance costing tool used to model PPP projects & similar long-term asset management contracts.
    • FM Design Brief - a keystone model that works with Asset Track to provide input to design, construction & commissioning.
    • ...

    Adding value to your contract

    Our extensive participation in PPPs gives us the understanding to create and deliver opportunities for increased value in a long-term contracts.

    Your FM partner

    We are currently the FM partner in the following PPPs:

    • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (QLD)
    • ACT Law Courts
    • Hopkins Correctional Centre (VIC)
    • University of Wollongong student accommodation
    • University of Tasmania student accommodation
    • NZ Schools I & II PPPs
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