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       Reverse Energy Expenditure
    See how we can help...
       Reverse Energy Expenditure


    Energy prices have steadily increased, so whether your property is an existing one or a new build, speak to us. We’ll customise end-to-end solutions to help you achieve energy and water savings of up to 60%. Many of our customers realise improvements and savings almost immediately. But what makes us different is that we’re long-term partners – meaning we continue to work with you after these immediate results, so you carry on seeing improvements and savings from these sustainability initiatives.

    Commercial energy efficiency

    To enhance your sustainability through energy efficiency, we’ll help you with an analysis, upgrades and other initiatives that can reduce operational and maintenance costs. Understand your consumption, detect wastage and manage usage. Plus, you’ll be able to leverage renewable energy sources such as solar and wind or local battery storage.

    Feasibility studies

    Programmed’s feasibility studies are detailed, yet practical. We help you analyse the total cost of ownership, outline investment, forecast savings and potential returns. Each study details specific energy conservation measures. Complete reviews of all energy-based equipment (lighting, air-conditioning units, boilers, stoves etc) will identify usage patterns and efficiency opportunities.

    Water management services

    We help you analyse and recognise your water consumption, implement water efficient strategies and report on spend. Smart metering provides you access to real-time data and reporting, as well as the ability to detect and eliminate wastage. If you are a commercial property owner, you can even allocate water consumption costs to the ultimate user.

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