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    University of the sunshine coast - property services

    Our Customer

    The University of the Sunshine Coast was established in 1996 and is Australia’s first greenfield university. The University’s campus located in Sippy Downs, Queensland, accommodates more than 10,000 students and encompasses a unique wildlife reserve landscape consisting of native plants and animals.


    Project Description

    The University of the Sunshine Coast and Programmed have built a strong relationship over the course of our provision of grounds and turf services since 2009. Our firsthand understanding of the University’s geographical and operational environment has meant that we are able to deliver solutions designed to preserve the University’s flora and fauna while making sure that the University’s main role as an education provider is always prioritised.

    To retain the high quality grounds the University expects, Programmed delivers a service that acknowledges, supports and aligns with the University’s positioning and reputation around environment sustainability, and in particular, ensures the wildlife reserve landscape remains intact. 

    We schedule maintenance around campus activity so that any work we carry out does not inconvenience students or faculty members. We also plan grounds maintenance around campus events while being sure that our strategies to enhance the quality and presentation of the University’s grounds and sports fields align with its surrounds.

    This careful consideration for the site’s unique environment led to the University awarding Programmed with a long term grounds maintenance contract.


    Project Solution and Outcome

    A Programmed team local to the Sunshine Coast area looks after the University. This local knowledge and familiarity with the University’s environs and expectations significantly enhances delivery outcomes. Through intuitive management, we alleviate the need for University personnel to plan or manage the minute details. All aspects of work – from scheduling and implementation to procurement and reporting – are seamlessly integrated. Our active engagement of stakeholders within the University’s network, including site facility managers, the association of student bodies, retail owners as well as the University faculty – frees the University to focus on its core priorities of research and education – because they know the amenity of their grounds are in extremely good hands.

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