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    Project Description


    Tyrepower first contracted Programmed to help them carryout a national reimage of its entire retail network. Supporting this reimage was a national maintenance programme that would prolong the life of newly installed branding and signage.


    Project Solution


    Using Programmed helped Tyrepower achieve their reimage objectives with ease and efficiency, while the preventative maintenance programme helped keep its stores bright and clean for a strong brand and corporate image.


    Our national footprint and ability to provide maintenance, signage and painting services through a single supply stream provided Tyrepower with valuable convenience. The ability to provide complete project management for all aspects of the project further simplified the process, while our Australasian-wide network meant we were able to reach all of Tyrepower’s metropolitan and country stores.


    Project Outcome


    Tyrepower achieved a cohesive and consistent look for their store network. The company also realised significant cost savings through their long-term maintenance programme since they found it was much more cost effective to maintain their stores’ appearance rather than waiting until it had deteriorated.


    Another advantage our customer has is the flexibility to tailor their maintenance programmes to suit individual site needs for a targeted solution. Compared to a one-size-fits-all solution, this flexibility ensures stores do not incur costs for any unnecessary services.


    Additionally, as a result of our long-term partnership with Tyrepower, we have developed a familiarity and understanding of the brand, intrinsic company needs and knowledge of the various sites. Not only is our team able to quickly and efficiently complete the required work, they’re also able to identify any potential safety or branding issues, which are then communicated back to Tyrepower so that they can implement the appropriate steps. 


    Programmed continues to work closely with Tyrepower to maintain the consistency and presentation for its multi-site, national network to help them entrench their positioning as Australasia’s biggest and most respected tyre retailer.

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