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    Strand arcade

    Project Description


    Programmed successfully tendered to prepare and paint all interior common areas of The Strand Arcade, including the 16m high atrium ceiling timberwork and lacework. The repaint was a complex heritage-style restoration involving many elements of difficulty due to the building’s age and significance. Council approval for the application of the new colour scheme was required by our customer, IPOH Pty. Ltd., because of The Strand Arcade’s historical significance meant our customer, required council approval prior to the application of the new colour scheme. The building’s location and structure also made painting the atrium ceiling challenging.


    Project Solution


    We were limited in terms of the type of access equipment we could use for the commercial painting project. The Strand Arcade’s daily trading couldn’t be affected by the painting project so fixed scaffolding was not an option. Heavy access equipment such as knuckle booms were also ruled out as they could damage the tiled flooring. So our tender submission involved the use of qualified abseilers to paint the atrium timberwork and lacework.


    To allow the Arcade to continue normal trading, the painting project was carried out at night. This meant that each morning the centre needed to be cleared and made ready for trade before 7am. Low VOC paints were used to restrict fumes to tenants and the general public.


    Project Outcome


    Careful planning, high levels of project management and customer involvement ensured the painting project was completed with minimal impact to the everyday activities of the arcade. The new heritage colour scheme has brightened its interior while still retaining its heritage appearance.


    This commercial painting project’s successful outcome earned us a “Highly Commended” award from the Master Painters Association of NSW during their 2014 annual Awards for Excellence.

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