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    St thomas more catholic primary school



    St Thomas More Repaint Programmed

    “We were happy with the service and are looking forward to an ongoing professional relationship with Programmed.”
    Russell Wylie, Principal
    St Thomas More Catholic Primary School


    St Thomas More Catholic Primary School’ offers students a holistic approach to learning amidst a picturesque setting.


    Project Description
    St Thomas More Catholic Primary School (St Thomas More) is situated in one of Australia’s most picturesque locations, Margaret River. The school offers a holistic approach to learning, combining spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional development to set their students up for success.

    To reflect the school’s commitment to excellence, they were looking for a fresher and more appealing look. It had been some time since the school’s last repaint and the buildings were showing obvious signs of wear. An overhaul of its interior and exterior surfaces, electrical upgrades and building repairs would be required to restore its pristine condition. St Thomas More Catholic Primary School sought a partner who could combine all these services into a single solution.

    Programmed was awarded the contract for our ability to streamline this for the school. Our reputable expertise, competitive pricing and proposed methodology which provided the school with the ability to access multiple services through a single point of contact gave them confidence that Programmed had the ability to deliver exactly what they would require.

    Project Solution
    For a cohesive environment able to stimulate learning inside and outside of classrooms, exterior and interior repaints were undertaken. This would revitalise the school and improve its external appearance while creating comfortable and fresh spaces for students and teachers inside. Some areas of the school’s buildings needing attention included the hard-to-reach upper gables and undercover steel structures. Programmed used scissor lifts and roof rope access kits to overcome these heights challenges, repainting the structures with a two-pack Durebuild and Weathermax system for extra durability.

    Other areas showing significant signs of deterioration were the rusted gutters which were also prone to leaks. Programmed fixed this with a complete gutter replacement and minor building repairs.  Electrical upgrades were also required to replace 50 bunker lights throughout as well as pole lights located at the school’s front entrance which we delivered as part of the project. 

    A key aspect of Programmed’s service is flexibility. This can be seen in the way we accommodate school calendars, by completing work during the holiday period. However, St. Thomas More requested the works to commence during the busy school period. Programmed accommodated this request, making sure the team took extra care to minimise disruption to teaching and learning while also maintaining close and constant communication with the school. In addition to this, the team installed sufficient barricading and signage to further ensure teachers’, students’, and visitors’ safety.

    Project Outcome
    The works transformed the school. The now elevated image more accurately reflects the ethos of the school’s high standard of education. Programmed effectively navigated the busy school period
    to deliver the job on time, within budget and without incident. St. Thomas More was impressed by both the flawless result and the efficient process through which it was achieved. The long-term maintenance programme the school has instigated will ensure St Thomas More retains its excellent outcomes. Apart from assisting to distribute costs for the major upgrading of the school’s presentation throughout the project, this ongoing maintenance will help the school to protect and extend the lifespan of its assets, enabling them to maximise returns on their maintenance spend.

    Russell Wylie, Principal of the St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, commended the team and their work. “We are happy with the end service and are looking forward to an ongoing professional relationship with Programmed to service our needs,” he said.


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