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    Southern qld correctional centre

    Programmed Facility Management was awarded the long-term maintenance and capital renewal contract at the new Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) in 2014


    The greenfield 300-bed facility, which is located in Gatton, was occupied in 2012 and is the first stage of a staggered development that has a future expansion capacity of 1,000 beds.


    The scope of the contract includes the maintenance and life cycle renewal of all facility building elements, plant and equipment, infrastructure and other assets within the SQCC, over the life of the contract.


    Maintenance works include:


    • Facility services – including the provision of landscaping, cleaning services, pest control and operation of the wastewater treatment plant
    • Asset management – including asset condition assessment and reporting
    • Facility management
    • Planned maintenance – including security access requirements
    • Corrective maintenance
    • Reactive maintenance – including emergency repairs and minor new works
    • Capital expenditure work – minor and major replacement or refurbishment of the facilities assets
    • Lifecycle replacement
    • Asset management
    • Water efficiency
    • Energy management
    • Landscaping
    • Cleaning
    • Pest control
    • WWTP operations
    • Security (SAAB)


    Programmed Facility Management’s previous experience in corrections facilities has assisted in the development of a tailored maintenance solution for SQCC that optimises labour, increases plant reliability and efficiency, and introduces continuous monitoring and improvement.


    Maintenance services are provided via a combination of in-house employees and specialist subcontractors. Reactive works are handled via a dedicated 24/7 help desk, which provides the first point of contact for all reactive works orders. These are then scheduled, dispatched and delivered in close liaison with the facility operator, to provide minimal disruption to daily prison activities.


    Planned maintenance is carefully scheduled via an annual works plan. Our existing knowledge of correctional facilities means that we are able to schedule and deliver most preventative activities without disturbing the core functions of the facility operator.


    Asset management is provided via ongoing asset condition assessments and the development of a detailed asset register and strategic asset management plan (SAMP). Programmed Facility Management uses Maximo as our computerised asset maintenance and management information system.


    Lifecycle Renewal


    Programmed Facility Management is responsible for the planned replacement, refurbishment or renewal of an asset resulting from its functional and/or condition degradation over time. We have utilised our proprietary Asset-Trak lifecycle tool to develop the lifecycle modelling for the 15 year SQCC contract period.


    Water Efficiency Management Plan


    Programmed Facility Management is responsible for complying with the SQCC water efficiency management plan (WEMP) and is also required to update the plan every 12 months and propose new water efficiency measures and/or new water efficiency targets.


    Energy Management Plan


    Programmed Facility Management is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of an energy management plan to support the conservation of water, electricity and gas usage.

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