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    Security cleared personnel for ict

    Programmed supplies the Australian division of a global security company with contract and permanent staffing services in the executive ICT security cleared and professional personnel space. We have been successfully placing candidates in mid-level to senior roles for more than 16 months.


    With more than 700 locations across Australia, our customer has activity in the Australian Tax Office, aeronautics, maritime, surveillance, defence systems, C4ISR and civil information technology domains. Programmed is required to recruit, induct, process security clearances, schedule, roster and manage payroll and provide safety advice and feedback for employees.


    With such highly demanding roles, candidates are provided with detailed information about jobs at the outset to develop realistic job expectations.


    The screening process involves telephone interviews, technical screening, face-to-face interviews and online testing tools, all of which are developed by appropriately trained Programmed consultants.


    Initial phone screening involves scoping the verbal communication skills of all candidates and their relevant skills, qualifications and experience matched to the requirements of a specific position.


    Candidates face three rounds of interviews, including an initial phone screen and a face-to-face interview followed by rigorous testing procedures, including various online testing tools, to ensure the candidate is qualified for the role.


    Programmed provides an excellent level of high quality mid-senior level permanent employees to our customer while ensuring that quality and performance of current candidates is tracked. Programmed has supplied over 14 individual permanent and contract employees and our relationship with the key stakeholders within the company continues to grow.

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