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    Reece plumbing

    Project Description

    Services provided include Signage Installation, Cyclic Washing Maintenance, Painting and Grounds Maintenance.


    Project Solution and Outcome 

    Reece has found it easy to achieve its national maintenance requirements with Programmed.

    Delivery of services uses a centralised National Account Management model with a singular point of contact via an assigned National Project Manager This provides streamlined communication and contract management. Meanwhile closely aligned state-based delivery teams who are all locally employed provide strong operational support to ensure the maintenance of all sites.

    Established reporting and communication protocols keep Reece up to date of the status of sites and scheduled servicing. As a value-add, Programmed instigates field observations and provides feedback to Reece on individual site conditions, highlighting where necessary, items for repair or potential risk hazards.

    These enable Reece to effect any immediate rectifications or plan for subsequent maintenance in subsequent visits as necessary, thus keeping all Reece sites safe and presentable.

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