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    Providing a field force for a leading telecommunications company

    A leading Australian telecommunications company relies on Programmed to provide a seasonal workforce to conduct fault analysis and repair of its communication networks. In Queensland, for six months each year (during the wet season), Programmed has successfully provided a flexible field force of telecommunications technicians for over three years.


    Programmed manages the challenge of recruiting appropriately skilled technicians in a tight labour market where many technicians are already engaged in the mining sector or already working for the customer on other projects.


    In one instance, our customer required up to 40 technicians for 5-6 months. Programmed undertook a recruitment drive seeking qualified and appropriately ticketed technicians, drawing on its existing database and using specific advertising campaigns that leveraged the strong Programmed brand and value proposition.


    Programmed was able to manage this ramp-up requirement efficiently, drawing on 4 key recruitment resources supported by Programmed’s local branch network in Brisbane. All applicants were required to complete police and working with children checks.


    Despite the challenging labour market, Programmed was able to recruit, induct and place the required workforce within a 6-week period.


    Programmed has experienced a strong retention rate among skilled technicians year on year, with a return rate of at least 50%. The quality of our workforce has also been noted through strong customer feedback provided at the end user level back to our customer about our employees.


    By supplying a flexible workforce recruited locally, our customer has avoided relocating its existing workforces from other states to address line issues.

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