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    Project Description


    Programmed were engaged to provide a directional signage solution at the newly completed Porsche Centre Parramatta NSW. Following Programmed’s completion of the pylon and fascia signage for the Centre, it was deemed that Programmed’s proprietary eCORE signage would be the logical solution to signage that would provide continuity in terms of professionalism and aesthetic appeal, whilst still being functional.


    Project Solution


    Leveraging on knowledge that Programmed had already accumulated when constructing the earlier fascia and pylon signs, we were able to extend the scope of our services by using eCORE to address Porsche’s way-finding and identification signage needs. This included translating the brand identity outlined in the Porsche AG international design manual into a built environment in terms of signage that would accurately reflect the brand’s ethos and eminence.


    The ability to customise the panel decoration to meet Porsche’s global brand standards was a clear advantage. To achieve the high quality finished desired by the customer, Programmed used a combination of wet sprayed metallic paint for the background while the text and printed Porsche logo were adhered with a protective 2pac clear applied. The final stage was the cut and polish of clear to remove the commonly seen orange peel.


    Project Outcome


    The Porsche Centre Parramatta now has stylish signage that clearly reflects the brand’s prestige. The eCORE panels have provided Porsche signage with branding elements that have continuity throughout its premises. These directional and way-finding signs are also perfect complements to the impressive pylon and fascia signage out front.


    Programmed has given us a comprehensive signage solution that accurately conveys the stature of our brand. From the striking pylon and facade signage at the Centre’s front through to the eCORE panels directing customers from parking to showroom areas, Programmed has given us the perfect backdrop to the passion and enthusiasm we want our customers to feel,” said Christiaan Knaap, Porsche Centre Parramatta GM.

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