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    Nayland college

    Our Customer

    Founded over 50 years ago, Nayland College is a 1960’s style college that offers a creative and forward thinking learning environment. Its community boasts a vibrant music arts and cultural calendar, with a large number of working artists.


    Project Description

    As an active member of the Nelson community with a strong history in the performing arts, Nayland College (Nayland) offers photography, dance, art and drama as curriculum options. The school also incorporates a national award-winning trade academy which helps students transition into the workforce after finishing school.

    Despite its innovative curriculum, the college‘s facilities did not align with their vision of merging the best of their past with a fresh outlook for the future. The last repaint had been over a decade ago, and the college’s building exteriors were looking aged and worse for wear.

    Quality, health and safety were crucial factors in Nayland’s decision for a service provider. Due to our strong track record in this, Programmed was engaged to implement a long-term painting and maintenance programme. Our flexible repayment options providing the College with an ability to spread costs over the life of the programme was appealing given the school’s budgetary constraints.


    Project Solution

    The Programmed team approached the project with professionalism and sophistication. Firstly, a digital render of the school was created. This enabled Nayland to clearly envision a concept that perfectly matched its vision.

    When works began, robust safety barriers were erected. Programmed ensured our staff were fully trained and qualified so that work at heights could employ the use of elevated work platforms and remove the need for fixed scaffolding. This minimised interruption to the school’s daily routine, a critical advantage considering its staff and student population numbered more than 1000 people.
    Compliance to all health and safety regulations were adhered to and the school was successfully repainted in eight different colours.


    Project Outcome

    The resulting transformation has greatly improved Nayland’s aesthetics and boosted morale among staff, students and its community. Programmed will regularly maintain the school, keeping the facilities looking exceptional so that Nayland can continue to deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of a 21st Century education.

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