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    Melbourne cricket club

    Project Description

    The MCC required their six light towers, which stand approximately 85 metres high (equivalent to a 24-storey building), to be repainted. The requirement was from both an aesthetic and functional need to remove dirt and rust, and protect long-term. As well as the height of the towers, the added infrastructure around the bases of the towers makes for difficult access.

    Project Solution

    Programmed employs full-time abseilers who are highly skilled and trained to perform specialised work from heights. Using a safety management plan ensured that the towers could be painted with minimal risk and within the tight timeframe required by the MCC. Programmed worked around the AFL and Cricket seasons, as well as music and other events, and the testing Melbourne weather.

    Project Outcome

    MCC’s Project Manager, William Coomaraswamy, was very pleased with the project performed by Programmed through “winds, rain, the glaring sun, as well as working around the on-going activities at the MCG”. The light towers are an instantly recognisable Melbourne landmark and their image is important in order to retain the vision of a premier facility and protect their heritage listing.

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