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    Marais boutique

    Project Description

    Programmed was commissioned to design, procure, manufacture, install, test and commission the electrical, communications and a fully automated lighting control system at MARAIS’ multi-brand boutique in Melbourne, VIC. The impressive store has striking artistic centrepieces which relies on LED lighting design and placement for an ambiance central to MARAIS’ offer of a totally unique shopping experience. 


    Project Solution

    On the ground floor, customers are able to peruse stores within stores showcasing collections from the world’s finest fashion houses – a first for multi-brand boutiques in Australia. These include the season’s latest from Givenchy, CELINE, Balenciaga and Linda Farrow. Meanwhile, a multi-brand shoe and accessory salon brings the shopping encounter full circle and provides that final luxuriant touch.

    The first floor of the store can be discovered via a magnificent spiral marble staircase enrobing a gigantic chandelier or by an infinity lift designed and inspired by vintage Parisian lifts. The installed LED lighting was customised to mimic shimmering crystals capturing even the slightest of movements with quartz outlines that magically appear and dissolve with the lift’s ascent and its descent. 

    This first floor is designed around the boutique’s mythical theme, albeit with a slightly darker twist: chain mail draping the ceilings, mannequins that mimic knights in shining armour and a walkway with stainless steel floor fixtures creating an immediate impression of a magnificent drawbridge.

    To achieve this mystical and magical mood, it was necessary to carefully arrange lighting so that through well-considered design and placement, the boutique’s impressive countenance was perfectly highlighted. This helped convey the other-worldly customer experience MARIAS’ sought to deliver, particularly in the first floor’s luxuriously appointed VIP salon for private fittings and stunning lingerie area featuring seashell marble.


    Project Outcome

    The lighting effect and placement has been successful in establishing the enigmatic and enchanting new MARAIS Australia’s concept boutique which shows off design at its finest and promises to alter the way Australians perceive the art of fashion.

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