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    Lendlease parkland villas

    Our Customer

    The Parkland Villas retirement living community in Booragoon, WA, is managed by multinational property group, Lendlease Retirement Living and offers both apartment and villa living with 146 residencies and access to shared recreational facilities.


    Project Description

    As part of the Lendlease group, it was important for Parkland Villas to retain and portray the Lendlease corporate brand positioning and site presentation standards. Such standards would also be key components able to maintain current residents’ satisfaction as well as generate better sales and property value.

    As a preferred supplier to Lendlease, Programmed had a demonstrated and strong understanding of both requirements and capabilities needed to deliver a high-quality outcome. So when Parkland Villas engaged Programmed for its refurbishment works, they just knew we would be a ‘right fit’ for the job.


    Project Solution

    The work at Parkland Villas would encompass a full external repaint of villas and communal areas, brick fretwork, carport repairs, line marking and lighting upgrades. Underpinning this would be Programmed’s focus on safety as well as the protection of residents’ privacy and comfort. This required precise work scheduling and close communication so that all work was done around community activities, noise reduction where possible, and timely notification of scheduled work to residents. This also encompassed an assurance for works completion that did not interrupt Parkland Villas’ daily operations.

    Before work commenced, Programmed provided a comprehensive work schedule that detailed work to be undertaken, site risk assessments and any safety management plans. These, in addition to us already having met Lendlease standards for safety and quality through their established contractor pre-qualification process, gave Parkland Villas added confidence in our safety and expert capabilities.



    For all works completed to date, Parkland Villas residents and Village Manager, Denise Manning, have been completely satisfied with Programmed’s quality of work and ability to surpass their requirements. Programmed’s industry experience coupled with property service maintenance know-how helped Parkland Villas achieve their refurbishment in a timely manner while maximising the Village’s built assets’ lifespan. The utmost care we took, the quality of Programmed’s overall service, and staff demeanour saw the Village extend its initial project into extensive ongoing works.

    Village Manager, Denise Manning, sums up her experience with Programmed. “The seamless delivery of services made it so simple.”

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