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    A Bespoke Solution for Australia's largest integrated steel manufacturer, processor, distributor, recycler.


    Customer Background


    Infrabuild is Australia's leading integrated steel manufacturer, processing, distribution and recycling business. With over 100 years in industry, Infrabuild wanted a rebranding strategy to be rolled out across 105 of their sites.


    Project Description


    Given the scale and complexity of the project, it would require a bespoke solution. With no two sites being the same, tailored signage, painting and grounds work was required to revamp Infrabuild's brand completely.


    Project Solution


    Programmed's national presence, enabled local manufacture and installation, while keeping a consistent approach nationally. Infrabuild was able to trust the established maintenance supplier to make vital decisions, while keeping their perspective at the forefront of their mind. This meant prioritising timeframes and budgets, without sacrificing the quality of execution.


    By outsourcing to an exceptional supplier, Infrabuild was able to focus on their primary business activities, while Programmed to take care of the rest. This allowed day-to-day tasks to be managed by Programmed, while keeping client stakeholders informed of the entire process.


    Timeliness was crucial in ensuring the rebranding project did not disrupt the steel manufacturer's production or operations on-site. Programmed was able to deliver signage, grounds and painting work to an extremely high standard, within the planned timeframes specified. Infrabuild's team can now enjoy their sites that have been transformed with the modernised rebranding strategy.

    ustomer Testimonial


    'Everyone was quite proud to get behind the new brand - there's just so much excitement around it and I think that's a direct result of the quality of the work that Programmed did across those sites... it really felt like they were part of our team.' Andrew Dibley, Head of Digital and Customer Experience, Infrabuild.

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