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    Improving employee retention

    One of our customers, who manages a port in Townsville, was experiencing high turnover of casual employees as a result of employee dissatisfaction due to low and inconsistent work hours. This high employee turnover led to an overall loss of site familiarity, which in turn resulted in a reduced focus on safety and lower productivity rates. Attrition rates grew to an average of 43%.


    As the existing sole managed labour supplier to our customer, Programmed understood that the customer could not offer its employees additional work hours or more permanent contracts. Working within these limits, our account management team presented a strategy to improve the attrition rates that didn’t require a significant increase in labour spend by our customer.


    Another of our customers was using the aforementioned customer’s berth at the port and also regularly uses casual labour to load its ships. Programmed proposed combining the causal workforces of both clients to create a specialist talent pool.


    This approach delivered a significant increase in retention as it provided employees with more consistent hours each week. In addition, both customers benefitted from having a workforce that is familiar with not only the products they are loading, but the operation of the port in general.


    As a result of this initiative, our customer currently benefits from a retention rate of 87% in the contingent managed workforce supplied by Programmed.

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    Skilled Workforce Employee retention
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