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    Grey district council art gallery

    The Grey District Council manages a variety of environmental, essential and community services for the Grey District, one of the most remarkable and rugged landscapes on the West Coast of the South Island. The area is known for its natural beauty and industrial heritage.


    “We are very happy with it, I didn’t think we could do anything so elegant and stylish.”

    Cassandra Struve

    Gallery Chairwoman


    Project Description

    Aptly named, the Left Bank Art Gallery is situated on the left bank of the Grey River / Māwhera in the heart of Greymouth. The gallery is housed in the former Bank of New Zealand, a building that dates back to 1924.

    Visitors can purchase from the exhibits showcasing contemporary New Zealand art, sculptures, photography and other local content. With its rich history and central location, the appearance and presentation of the gallery are crucial to preserving its heritage and ensuring a world-class visitor experience.

    The Grey District Council issued a tender for the painting and maintenance of the gallery. Programmed Property Services (Programmed) was the only local company in the area with the expertise and staff that could deliver to the Council’s expectations of a long term preventative painting and paint maintenance plan.


    Project Solution

    Programmed’s history with the building and the Grey District Council spans over a decade, having maintained the building before. For the colour scheme, the gallery initially opted for a more conservative theme. However, Mayor Tania Gibson suggested a bolder colour scheme to align with the gallery’s unique identity and eventually a neutral colour scheme with accents of blue was agreed to.

    Our team of specialist painters gave the building a full exterior repaint and will be ensuring the lifespan of this repaint is retained through a long-term programme and annual maintenance. The long-term programme also allows the Council better budgeting of expenditure and the Council is assured the building will continue to maintain its fresh new look for years to come.


    Project Outcome

    With its elegant and contemporary makeover, the Left Bank Art Gallery is now a vibrant and defining feature for the Greymouth Town Square.

    “We are very happy with it,” Gallery Chairwoman Cassandra Struve said, “I didn’t think we could do anything so elegant and stylish.”

    The partnership between the Council and Programmed, coupled with the high level of community involvement, has resulted in a strong sense of pride and positive community vibe.

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