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    Fulton hogan ltd

    Project Description


    An important facet of Fulton Hogan’s business is ‘surfacing’, which is the production of high performance road and pavement surfaces.


    “The nature of the production facility which processes large volumes of aggregates and bitumen creates quite an abrasive and corrosive environment for our buildings and equipment. We therefore required a maintenance programme able to withstand the day-to-day rigours of our type of work, protect our assets, as well as maintain a clean and well looked after site,” said Mr Jonathan Garton, Department Manager, Auckland Asphalt Plant.


    Project Solution


    Programmed had previously provided the Auckland plant with ad hoc painting maintenance. Fulton Hogan knew Programmed had the expertise to provide high quality industrial protective coatings that required specialist access equipment. They also realised planned long-term preventive maintenance would also extend the life of their building assets.


    Fulton Hogan now relies on Programmed for industrial protective coatings and washing maintenance of all their assets including offices, warehouses, large silos, and even conveyor belts. Programmed’s tailored solution provides them with the required level of maintenance at predictable annual costs with an in-built flexibility to accommodate changes to on-site requirements.


    Project Outcome


    Through our careful coordination of resources and well-developed channels of communication across all levels, Fulton Hogan are assured the work will be completed efficiently without any compromise on safety or quality.


    “Programmed currently carry out our painting and wash maintenance programme. The industrial protective coating system they have used in conjunction with the annual services they carry out has been of a huge benefit to the site. We are extremely happy to have partnered with them. Staff at all levels have been very professional, helpful and easy to deal with,” said Mr Garton.

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