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    Eagle farm racecourse

    Our Customer

    The Eagle Farm Racecourse is managed by Brisbane Racing Club, Queensland’s leading thoroughbred race club. Eagle Farm is a heritage-listed site and is an important racing venue for some of Brisbane’s most popular races. It is also a mix-use destination for the public on non-race days.


    Project Description

    With its beautiful buildings, historic setting and luscious grounds, the Eagle Farm Race Course is an ideal backdrop for races as well as all sorts of events like corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, and weddings. With a focus to create as many opportunities for their facilities to be utilised and enjoyed by the Brisbane community as much as possible, Eagle Farm needs to be always diligently well-presented.


    Project Solution

    When Eagle Farm renewed its long-term maintenance contract with Programmed, it broadened the scope of work from the maintenance of key high visibility areas to all external surfaces of the entire site. The first priority for the renewed contract was a repaint to bring every building on the Eagle Farm property into uniformity. Programmed’s established work processes, proven service standards and capability, as well as access to resources, have assured racecourse managers of Eagle Farm that the transition from selected sites to the entire facility will be seamless and smooth.


    Project Outcome

    The repaint is a timely rejuvenation that will keep buildings eyecatching and grand, as befits Eagle Farm’s prominent standing. Having to coordinate work with just one contractor minimises hassles for racecourse managers, enabling them to have a constantly wellpresented facility ready for any of its myriad functions. Programmed maintains the stands, stables and all external areas of Eagle Farm, doing so by keeping to safe, strict standards of quality and OHS, as well as a flexible approach that accommodates, among others, the training schedules of race horses.

    "Programmed has been servicing Eagle Farm Racecourse for a long time. They are 100% reliable and work in well with our schedules. Nothing is ever a problem.”

    Steven Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, Sceleri Brisbane Racing Club.

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