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    Blue and white collar recruitment for national telecommunications project

    Programmed is a panel member for our customer who is delivering a federal government telecommunications project being rolled out nationally. We have been working closely with them to supply a number of blue and white collar job classifications since 2011.


    The sheer scale of rolling out this project across the country presented a number of challenges. Our client’s workforce operates in various environments, both in an office and in the field. The individuals required for these roles had to be equipped with the skills and attributes that enable them to manage working in often challenging environments.


    Since becoming a panel member, we have sourced designers, technical officers, project managers, business analysts, administration officers, senior planners and logistics and supply chain specialists.


    We were also engaged as sole provider for large volume campaigns, including:


    • Project A: 35 roles from project director to project coordinator
    • Project B: 68 roles nationally, including general managers, project managers, site controllers, project coordinators, design manager and designers, safety team
    • Project C: National recruitment and onboarding of 50 roles, including administrators, project and field managers
    • Delivery of specific training, including a safety awareness course ensuring the ability to grow a local workforce organically by upskilling new entrants to the industry
    • Search and selection for executive level placements


    We ran various advertising campaigns concurrently, using digital tools such as a stand-alone branded website specific to the project, Seek premium listings nationally and the premium LinkedIn Recruiter product.


    Given the high profile nature of this project and the extensive media coverage of its progress, only the very best candidates could be presented to our client for consideration.


    The screening process included electronic screening, telephone and technical screening, face-to-face behavioural-based interviews, psychometric testing, online technical testing and skills testing.


    Programmed provided over 200 placements over a 12 month period and continues to work with the customer. We received exceptional feedback for our ability to provide the highest quality service to the project. Our recruiters have an extensive network within the telecommunications industry and customers benefit from a constant active pool of engaged candidates and referrals from current employees.

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