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    Baptcare wyndham lodge

    Our Customer

    Baptcare Wyndham Lodge is an aged care facility for residents of Werribee. Their deep-rooted sense of community creates a warm and inviting environment for residents at the Lodge.


    Project Description

    As with many aged care facilities, Baptcare Wyndham Lodge caters to residents with various different needs and care levels, including those with dementia. 

    Contemporary living spaces were created as part of its redevelopment in 2016, to incorporate the latest aged care innovations as well as preserve and enhance its sense of community.

    To better utilise the outdoor space while keeping that community feel, Baptcare contracted Programmed to design and construct a Harmony Garden, an inviting therapeutic space with a particular focus on dementia patients.


    Project Solution

    Working with Kelly Royle Landscape Architecture on the design, a sensory garden that ignited the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell and sound was created. This therapy garden would eventually feature more than 500 plants including Red Kangaroo Paw, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Myrtle trees, and herbs including Rosemary and Sage, among many others.

    The path was laid using PolySoft flexible and seamless paving, to reduce the chance of injuries from falls, in a continuous loop, to prevent residents from getting lost and encourage circuitous walking. For accessibility, the path was set wide enough to accommodate residents in wheelchairs or using pushers.

    A water feature, pond and vertical garden wall were also installed to stimulate both the auditory and visual senses. For the ‘ultimate experience’, residents can sit on the curved benches to view the entire garden, and be enveloped by the delightful sight and smell of plants behind, in front, and all around them.


    Project Outcome

    This beautiful Harmony Garden puts residents in touch with nature, promoting a sense of well-being and calm able to truly benefit the mental health of all residents at Wyndham Lodge.


    “Programmed did a wonderful job, it didn’t impact on our residents at all. The fact that they were still living here while that was going head just shows that Programmed did work well with Baptcare.”

    Tracia McGaw

    Care Assistant – Baptcare Wyndham Lodge

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