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    Apprenticeship program for a global company

    A global research-based pharmaceutical and health care company asked Programmed to help them establish an effective set of apprenticeship programmes to build the skill sets of apprentice fitters and electricians.


    Our customer identified a number of issues with its current apprenticeship programme, including the limited exposure to lathes and milling machinery provided to apprentices.


    Apprentices also had limited contact with the apprenticeship service provider and were not provided with ongoing support, such as performance appraisals.


    Programmed commenced discussions with the customer’s engineering management team and established an understanding of the problems associated with the previous apprenticeship programme. Programmed offered to provide a revised solution that would address these key concerns.


    Programmed established an ongoing exchange programme between this customer and another Programmed contract maintenance customer. This exchange programme involved third year apprentice fitters at one customer swapping places with first year apprentice fitters at the other for a period of three months.


    Over the three month period, our customer’s apprentice fitter was provided with an intensive period of workplace training on lathes and milling machinery, while the ‘swapping’ apprentice gained valuable experience using the systems at a pharmaceutical plant.


    Programmed ensures that a dedicated apprenticeship coordinator maintains regular contact with apprentices. This includes conducting quarterly performance appraisals which helps an apprentice maintain their focus and also provides them with an opportunity to address any concerns.


    Our innovative approach to apprenticeship training and development benefitted our customer by achieving vastly improved lathe and milling skills. This meant our customer’s apprentices could pass the relevant training competencies as part of their overall studies.


    Our customer also benefitted by employing a third year apprentice as a permanent employee at the completion of his apprenticeship.


    The Programmed apprenticeship team continues to enjoy a close working relationship with our customer at multiple sites and we are currently in discussions about offering apprenticeships at an additional site.

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