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    All saints catholic primary school

    Our Customer

    All Saints Catholic Primary School is located in the coastal region of Seaford, South Australia. At the heart of the School is a welcoming community and positive learning environment, encouraging children to be actively engaged and focused throughout their primary school years.


    Project Description

    The strong ecological vision behind All Saints Catholic Primary School (All Saints) is an essential part of the School’s values and concepts. With this in mind, All Saints wanted an outdoor area that stimulated creativity and encouraged students to act with ecological integrity. 

    School Principal, Justin Cavuoto, wanted to create an interactive and multi-functional playscape that allowed learning to be taken beyond classroom walls. A maritime-themed playscape was decided upon, symbolising the School’s proximity to the sea and beaches. All Saints envisioned a coastal concept featuring a timber boat, frontage, wooden board walk, sand and rock walls as well as beach kiosk.


    Project Solution

    It was imperative for All Saints to involve an organisation that was equally passionate about outdoor learning to realise their maritime model. Programmed’s willingness to listen and work through challenges such as ensuring the boat-shaped design’s structural integrity provided All Saints an all-around positive solution. Now, the previously unutilised area has transformed into a beloved spot to play and learn while building a sense of community, respect and care for the environment.


    Project Outcome

    Adding the dimension of interactive play has inspired students to bring lessons to life and stimulated their imaginations. To the students the boat is many different things. Some see it as a pirate ship, others a ship wreck, and still others a boat ready for undiscovered adventures. 

    Principal Cavuoto was thrilled with the end result.

    “The enthusiasm for our maritime playground has been outstanding. Our teachers have also taken advantage of the playground and have enhanced the children’s learning through this great facility. Programmed worked well with us from the design through to construction, and have been quick to respond to any requests.”

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