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    5-7 wollaston st, bunbury


    Wollaston Commercial Repaint


    “We would highly recommend Programmed to others looking to paint their building. The paint selection, which matched our previous building template was excellent. The team that worked on the project was very thorough, professional and easy to deal with. They were diligent in their clean-up and left no issues for the owners to address.”

    Dominique van Gent
    Council of Owners Chairman


    Centrally located in the coastal city of Bunbury, the unit complex at 5-7 Wollaston Street offers the best of bayside living with glimpses of the ocean vista.


    Project Description

    Built almost twenty years ago, the 6 unit block at Wollaston Street is just minutes away from Bunbury’s waterfront, landmark structures and recreational facilities. Age and coastal climate conditions were causing fading and signs of paint deterioration. Being part commercial, part residential, the building’s appearance is crucial to maintaining and attracting tenants.


    Having last been painted over ten years ago, the owners wanted to protect and reinvigorate the building. They sought a company that could complete the works safely and professionally. Programmed won the tender that would involve a full external repaint along with additional maintenance items.


    Project Solution

    Close consultation with the owners committee and representatives ensured that Programmed was able to clarify any issues beforehand and provide a thorough submission that came well within the expected budget. After assessing the property, we worked with Dulux to develop a detailed paint specification which particularly impressed the owners.

    To deliver the various works that ranged from railings and balustrades through to large block walls,  and combination of expertise and access equipment were utilised. Given residential and commercial properties were in full occupancy,  precision and safety were essential. To maximise productivity, we simultaneously completed all paint works and building repairs and coordinated multiple on-site trades to efficiently deliver the job with minimal disruption to tenants.


    Project Outcome

    The owners are greatly satisfied with the fresh appearance of the complex. The new look has caught the eye of neighbouring properties, including one currently in the process of engaging us for a similar solution.

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