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    402-410 chapel road, bankstown nsw

    Our Customer

    402-410 Chapel Road is a commercial strata building comprising mixed use retail and office suites. Located in the heart of the Bankstown CBD, this building is visible from far off due to its height.


    Project Description

    The property’s Strata Committee sought to upgrade the building’s exterior presentation with a refresh that would provide 402-410 Chapel Road with a new look befitting of its imposing presence as one Bankstown’s largest commercial towers; and approached Programmed for assistance.


    Project Solution

    For a new look that would improve the property’s visage, the Strata Committee of 402-410 Chapel Road had initially explored a cladding feature around the stairs as a possibility, but costs for this were prohibitive.

    As part of our discussions with the Committee, Programmed offered them the services of our in-house design team, who subsequently provided the Committee with artwork depicting the property in various colour schemes. Each variation utilised colours from the Committee’s preferred palette, including one aligned with the corporate hues of the National Australia Bank (NAB) as the site’s anchor tenant.

    Utilising the different montages, the Committee was able to clearly visualise what their new look property would eventually look like. This gave them the confidence to proceed with a repaint. They welcomed the fact that this repaint could help them realise the look they had initially sought to realise through cladding, but at a fraction of the cost.

    To overcome challenges of site access, Programmed completed the project by combining both the use of truck-mounted Elevated Work Platforms and abseil access. The property’s circular stair towers required especial attention to detail, and all driveway works were completed after hours.


    Project Outcome

    Repainting the site into a new colour scheme has lifted the overall appearance of the building, enabling it to compete with newer commercial towers in the area. A long-term programme with annual maintenance will keep this building looking new, while allowing the owners to spread the cost of the project.

    The new bold colour scheme complements that of anchor tenant NAB and saw Programmed winning twin awards for Best Commercial Repaint (Under $100,000) and the Colour Award at the 2019 NSW Master Painter Awards for Excellence.

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