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    162 goulburn street, nsw


    Our Customer

    Located in Surry Hills, NSW, 162 Goulburn Street is an 11 storey commercial building with abundant natural lighting and a very leafy aspect over Harmony Park.


    Project Description

    Last painted over 20 years ago, 162 Goulburn Street was seeking a fresh new look. The new colour scheme was created by Designteam, a creative agency located on the tenth floor and a member of the building’s Executive Committee.

    The ‘rainbow building’ as it would be known, proved to be an interesting and challenging exterior repaint for Programmed as the design required 844 uniquely coloured squares on the front façade.


    Project Solution 

    All surfaces need to be prepared and painted in strict accordance to the proposed colour scheme. The challenge lay in ensuring each of the 844 colours were matched to an appropriate pantone colour. Precision was instrumental, as each square had to line up with the building façade and no uneven squares or cut lines were allowed.

    For an accurate colour application to the façade, Programmed developed a numbered grid map system. Each can of paint was numbered for ease of reference and cross-checked to a computer generated specification prior to application.

    Being located within Sydney’s busy CBD, site safety was crucial. All works were completed using two 11 metre swing stages. A B-Class hoarding was set up to allow safe access and Development Approvals were acquired for the large 162 sign which was hand painted on the left-hand side of the building.


    Project Outcome

    The team worked efficiently and professionally to turn Designteam’s idea into reality. There were some initial hesitations about the radical colour scheme but the final outcome quickly changed any sceptical minds.

    As a result of the new colour scheme, property value has increased in excess of 10%. Feedback has been exceptionally positive with the Executive Committee and general public loving the unique design and how the building colours complement its surroundings.

    Designteam were especially pleased with the outcome. Being a creative agency, they are delighted that Programmed were able to translate their vision into a reality.

    “We always rely on people who perform...that’s why we chose Programmed.”

    Jan Van Den Berg, Executive Chairman, Designteam

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