Working at Programmed is all about giving every opportunity that comes your way a red-hot go, according to Jason Taylor, Regional Manager Sydney and Western NSW.

“From the time I joined in 1994, I could see Programmed was a company that would provide career openings and opportunities to advance, and that’s what I’ve found to be the case,” he says.

“The business is really good at identifying people with the right attitude, developing them alongside entire teams, as well as succession planning.

“Managers are very tuned in to what training is needed and opportunities are there for each employee to improve their skills and ultimately progress within the business; at Programmed you can advance your career internally without needing to leave the organisation to move up the ladder.”

Jason’s career progression is proof of the company’s commitment to upskilling its staff. After first joining the organisation in 1994 as an Apprentice Painter and Decorator, Jason progressed to Foreman by the time he was at the end of his apprenticeship. From there he moved into a Works Coordinator role, where he oversaw purchasing and quality, and soon after became a Project Coordinator, looking after state-based customers in sales and operations.

Fast forward three years, and Jason had been promoted to Account Manager, looking after full-time sales in Western Sydney, before making the move to Orange in New South Wales to become a Branch Manager. After that it was back to Sydney to take up a position of Business Development Manager Paint, State Manger Paint, and now his current role as Regional Manager Property Services.

During those years, Jason has committed to his own personal development. He completed a Graduate Diploma in Management, and also Programmed’s internal leadership course, Momentum.

And so what would his advice be to younger people joining the organisation today? “I’d say to work hard, be consistent and don’t just expect opportunities, prove yourself before your next role is even available. That way, by the time it is, you’ll be ready for the challenge,” he says.